PRESSNOTE news, headline, headlines, technology, latest news, tech news TSA agent single-handedly causes epic backup at JFK - PRESSNOTE A lone TSA agent created all kinds of havoc at JFK Airport Saturday morning when he failed to notice that his metal detector was unplugged. Not only did Terminal 7 have to be evacuated, but the dimwitted mistake resulted in hours of delay as pissed-off passengers had to....]]> Wed, 24 Dec 2014 21:57:14 GMT Facebook Says 83 Million Accounts May Be Fakes or Duplicates - PRESSNOTE The social-networking website is now worth almost half what it was when it floated on the Nasdaq in May. It has lost nearly $50 billion in value -- more than the total valuation of Hewlett Packard or coffee company Starbucks. The stock debuted at $38 and since then has....]]> Wed, 24 Dec 2014 21:52:05 GMT Commercial space flights to generate more than $600 million, study suggests - PRESSNOTE Tourism drives about 80 per cent of the demand for suborbital flights, which reach about 63 miles above the planet's surface before plunging back through the atmosphere. The thrill ride gives fliers a few minutes to float in microgravity and a view of the Earth set....]]> Wed, 24 Dec 2014 21:38:10 GMT The first-ever commercial resupply mission in space delivers ice cream for astronauts - PRESSNOTE It’s one of the most expensive grocery deliveries in history. And it’s also the first-ever space mission by a private company to re-supply the International Space Station. Carrying over 800 pounds of supplies for the ISS crew — including ice....]]> Wed, 24 Dec 2014 21:32:33 GMT